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24 June 2014

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't updated my site for so long. But in a spring cleaning I discovered a whole recording I had mastered just prior to my first trip to Europe Sep 2001. I am not going to release it on CD. I have decided to release it on line as a MP3. It is not available on Itunes only through my website for the princely sum of $12.  

Download only /  Not available on CD

Album title: Freight-line Blues

1: Wishbone  (alt version)
2: At The Rodeo
3: All Messed Up
4: Christine
5: Freightline Blues (alt version)
6: Jumpin' With Lloyd
7: Juke Box Fool
8: The Girl Likes To Rock It (alt version)
9: Small Town Motel Blues
10: Gellignite
11: Hug You Kiss You Squeeze You

You can order via paypal through my email at this site. The recording contains some tracks in different versions to previous releases as well as unreleased songs. 11 tracks all up.  The only thing I will ask is that you don't share the files (except the single) Encourage others if they like it to get their copy Direct from my site.
Tracks one and two are to be released as online singles.

Broadcasters and Radio Stations welcome to download singles and share content with their listeners.    

Single links below